The descriptive names of יהוה

Gen 22:14 Yahweh Jireh יהוה will Provide

Exod 17:15 Yahweh Nissi יהוה is My Banner

Judg 6:24 Yahweh Shalom יהוה is Peace

1 Sam 1:3; 17:45 Yahweh Sabbaoth יהוה of Hosts

Exod 31:13 Yahweh Maccaddeshcem יהוה Your Sanctifier

Psa 23:1 Yahweh Ro’i יהוה My Shepherd

Jer 23:6 Yahweh Tsidkenu יהוה Our Righteousness

Ezek 48:35 Yahweh Shammah יהוה Is There

Judg 5:3; Isa 17:6 Yahweh Elohi Israel יהוה, the Elohim of Israel

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