Prayer Request

Prayer Request by way of Br. James Cramer in Waldron Michigan

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Mashiach; YaHushua,
Blessings of shalom to you all!

Many of you know me but my hope is that this will get forwarded to others of The Way who do not know me.
Who I am is not important, but I am asking for urgent prayers for a young man to whom I have ministered for a number of years. I have come to feel for him like my own son and Brother in YaHushua. This young man is in his 30’s and has been in Federal prison for over half his life. When he first entered prison he was proselytized by Muslims and studied the Koran so well that his inmates looked to him as their imam.
His mother is a believer in YaHushua and a student of Torah and after many years of sending him teachings and articles of our faith, he finally renounced Islam and embraced the Messianic/Hebrew Roots faith. His mother called me shortly thereafter asking if I would be willing to visit with him and give counselling as needed. Although it is a drive one way of 3.5 to 4 hours I accepted because I had been asking Abba YaH for the opportunity to minister in a prison system.

Please allow me to give as much of the back story on this as I have knowledge of.

While Christopher was growing up he had no real father figure in his home and his mother worked a lot of hours to provide for her children, so he was basically allowed to grow up on his own. As any of you know who have or had children in their teens, they tend to be a restless bunch; especially boys.He has the kind of personality that draws people to him; as he is witty and intelligent. But when you are young and on your own, it is easy to get involved with the wrong kind of people. As an 18 yr. old; he and some friends were looking for some “excitement” and the idea of a joy ride seemed like the ticket. What ended up happening was they car jacked a young couple and ended up driving from Texas to Ill. Christopher was the only one who was not a minor, and yes; he should have known better, but boredom can bring a person to do abnormal things. Anyhow; after getting to the Chicago area one of the minor boys produced a gun and shot both of the young people they had car jacked, and if that were not bad enough someone set the car on fire, burning the bodies. Now Christopher has assured me that he was not involved in this aside from being among them at the time, and was so shocked by what was happening that he panicked.
When the law finally caught up with them, he was charged with the murders because he was the only one over 18 and could be prosecuted as an adult, while the real perpetrators were allowed to go free.
Christopher was given a sentence of death and placed in the Federal Prison in Terre Haute, In. He has gone through all of his appeals, to no avail and even had an organization visit him; his mother; myself; and a few others who knew Chris.
They took notes as well as made a video which was given to then pres. Obama. I had little hope at that time of any clemency as Obama was of a Muslim background and I was sure that Christopher’s conversion out of that religion would not set well with him.

The Federal prison system has recently started executing those on death row and Christopher is scheduled to be executed on the 28th of Sept. So my request is very urgent indeed.
A week and a half ago I mailed a letter directly to the president (the second such letter) asking for a pardon for Christopher. By now it should have reached the WH and depending on how many hands it has to go through before reaching Pres. Trump, I am thinking it may reach his desk sometime this week. Therefore; I am asking for prayers from all the believers on my “believers list” and hoping that each will share this with their assemblies and all on their lists as well. I have seen great things happen because of the prayers of ‘The Set-Apart Ones”; in my life as well as in the lives of many others, and so I am asking for all to join me in prayers for Christopher’s deliverance. And for those so inclined; I would also ask that you consider some kind of fast.
As most of you are aware; the 28th of Sept. will be in the midst of “The Days of Awe”, and how awesome would it be to see a brother in the faith delivered from the bonds of death; and hopefully prison altogether.
Christopher is very intelligent; a remarkable student of Scriptures; and has a lot he could offer outside the prison walls in working with other young people to help them avoid the pitfalls of a lawless society. He has already taken the initiative to start a Sabbath study group within the cell block he was confined to. He has never been able to keep the moedim according to Scriptures, and experience the joy of real fellowship in a group setting.

To all of those who wish to join me in prayer and possibly fasting with me as well; I give you all my heartfelt thanks.

Baruch haba BeShem Mar YaH (Matt. 23:39)

With sincere thanks and Praise for our Master YaHushua; I am

James “Ya’akob” Cramer

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