Uganda Orphanage

My name is Nakitende Penninah Mukiibi , i come from Africa ,uganda .
I am a Christian lady ..who started Rescuing, taking care of the orphaned , Destitute and vulnerable children in my small village here In Luwero.

A short story of how far YHWH has brought me  is not like any other child.. I do not have any memories of a mother or a father or a relative while I was growing up..All I remember was how I lived with a group of friends who were little like me ..living  around our small village church.. we didn’t go to school like other children because no one was there for us no one knew us…we fed on left overs and dumped food we found in people’s rubbish pits and slept on the verandas of my village church .
Till one day when we went for a crusade where we found missionaries who told us to give our lives to Yahushua Messiah which we jokingly did because we were young and didn’t know any thing about salvation .. We stayed at the crusade for five days and on the sixth day they said they were going to baptize those that had given their life to Messiah. After it all people we given food and drinks , given  bibles and were told to live a new Christian life…
After every one had left I stayed around the crusade grounds . I had no where to go I didn’t have a place to call a home ..looking at the white men and ladies was all I did till it started to rain 🌧 I didn’t have where to go still .. one older lady a missionary looked at me in the rain and asked their host why I was in the rain ??
Their host  called me and asked me in my local. Language why I wasn’t going home …
I told her I stay at church I do not have a home and then burst into tears .. the white lady held me close and covered me with her scarf and comforted me as she asked their host why I was  crying 😭..I told her my story and  she explained it to her in English and I went with them to her home stayed with them and from that day my life became better..
The missionary lady loved me she took good care of me and asked their host (Mrs Deborah and her husband) to take of me even after she had left. From that day I was blessed with a home to stay and started going to school..
Mrs Deborah mothered me so well that she did the best for me each time I asked . After a period of years 13years of me staying with them  …. they got an opportunity of going to Sweden with their children. They sat me down and explained how life was not going to be the same for me because they were living the country…they were going sell their house so that they could get money that would fund their trip ..I understood all they told me because I was an adult …Iam not sure of how old I was but I was grown . Mrs Deborah had given me the best she would and I was great full.
I started doing causal work around our village so that I could fully support my self because I was now independent.
I cleaned for people, I dug in their gardens , I did any thing that would bring me some money or some food . On that little pay I earned from the work I did for people I rented a small hut  that costed me 6$ which is 18000thousand .
I worked hard and every one I worked for would ask me to come back when they needed help.. the Master blessed me and I saved money . one day I met a little small girl that had been abandoned by a mother who was mentally sick . I lived with her but thought someone would come and take her one day which never happened .
Her life was completely like mine . All she needed was some one to love , care and have a place to call a home … the little small hut was our home …. After afew months I had to give her a name (KISAKYE) which means GRACE. From that day forth I rescued all vulnerable children because I see me in them ..
I happen not to have my very first pictures because I had no phone yet but I will share with you these that I have .

My name is Penninah,I am a new Facebook user a friend advised me to post and share what we are doing in the lives of orphaned children under our care ,she said through the posts,we would get the world out and that way some will be touched to pray and maybe help in a way or another. Thank you so much & May יהוה bless you.

Donations for Mission can be sent by way of Sister Cindy – cindylouern@gmail.com

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