Comments from a Facebook post on Shavuot

What’s the significance of #Shavout (day of #pentecost)? ~3500 years ago, on this day, Elohim gave the laws to Moses. ~2000 years ago, on the same day the same Elohim, came to dwell inside each of us as the Holy Spirit starting with the gathering on the upper room. This is celebrated as Shavout or … Continue reading Comments from a Facebook post on Shavuot

Seven Feasts of Yahweh

Entering the Seasons for deliverance Finding and Entering your “Holy Calling,” & Entering the Windows of Heaven’s appointments and blessings. There was great difficulty in the 1st century church relative to feasts and timing. The followers of the Messiah were rejected, caused them to be ejected from polite Jewish society, and despised. It wasnt long … Continue reading Seven Feasts of Yahweh

Thoughts on After life

According to the Old Testament, when a person dies, their body goes into the earth to sleep until the Resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ. (See Daniel 12:1-2 and Ecclesiastes 12:8) Their spirit returns to God who gave it. (See Ecclesiastes 12:7) And their soul goes to Sheol. (See Psalm 46:13, Psalm 89:48, Proverbs … Continue reading Thoughts on After life

Thoughts today

One of the most interesting subjects that I have always felt was worthy of a full examination, was the subject of biblical prophecy matters. In all of my years, I have always tried to explore as many different viewpoints as possible. Most of those viewpoints, which seem to emanate from the church system, fit into … Continue reading Thoughts today