Statement of Faith & Format

We Believe ………..

In One Creator whose Name is יהוה, who is Spirit.

In יהושוע, Messiah, Son of Yah, Redeemer of mankind, and King.

In Keeping the two greatest commandments and all their subordinates as shown below:

Preferring the titles Elohim, Master & Sovereign, Messiah, and the names YHWH over common language/titles.

Observing the seventh-day sabbath convocation and rest.

In welcoming children of all ages who are entertained and occupied to sit with the adults in the meeting.  (Mathew 19:14)

In strictly keeping the food ordinances.

In preparing and attending the appointed times of יהוה:

  • Death and Burial of Yahushua – Passover
  • Resurrection of Yahushua – First Fruits
  • Sinless, leaven free ministry of יהושוע Unleavened Bread – day 7 convocation
  • Giving of commandments and Set-Apart Spirit – Shavuot/Pentecost
  • Announcement of the Return of the Kingdom – Feast of Trumpets
  • Remembering the Atonement of Yahushua MESSIAH for our sins – Day of Atonement
  • Remembering the coming of Messiah to the earth – Tabernacles/Sukkoth

In sacred scriptures as YHWH directs.

In baptism and spiritual empowerment for good.

In perpetual work, piety and devotion.

In evangelism, equitable justice and restitution.

In continuing education.

In sacrament and order.

In deliverance from demonic entities.

In divine healing and blessing.

In Hebraic-style marriage between woman and man.

In eternal life for those born again of Spirit.

In the bodily resurrection of the dead and judgment.

In the second death for the incorrigible.

In love, fidelity and civility among brothers and sisters.

In the fullness of the Kingdom of the Beloved Son.

In the Millennium, a day of justice and restitution.

In the restoration of creation.

In world-without-end.

Things to expect when fellowshipping with us :

We use hebraic type scriptures, either The Cepher, or The Scriptures as well as others which use the Name of our Creator.

We use the Name of our Creator יהוה and His Son Yahushua and do not use titles customarily.

We Make prayer a priority and follow the 4 main ministry directives in Acts Chapter 2:42

General format structure but also according to the leading of the Ruach of Yah, and the host house administrator

  • Beginning Fellowship and chit chat during which we pass the prayer sheet around until it comes to the last person and is then handed to the prayer petitioner. 
  • If available, a worship song may be played while the congregation follow along to bring in the right frame of mind for serious prayer. Singing along is also encouraged if you know the song. 
  • Petitioner makes the prayer.  All phones are shut off on silent, and there should be no interuptions unless of fire, medical emergency, or other exigency. A moment of silence after the prayer finishes for reflection. 
  • Beginning of the Program for Shabbat
  • Rotation of Teachers – The teacher for this Shabbat gives a not more than 30 minutes, teaching on a topic that YHWH has laid on their heart with at least 5 scriptures to back up their teaching. During this teaching, there should be no questions. Please have pad and pen handy to write down questions.
  • We will take a break before the Torah readings of not more than 10 minutes. 
  • Reconvene for readings. Torah readings to incorporate the first five books of Moses *unchangeable*. Haf-Torah explores chapters in a book determined by the elders beforhand to be useful for this time. Enoch I is the current book. Chapters from a book in the Renewed Covenant scriptures Matthew-Revelation. One (or two) chapter/s at a time will be read and expounded. No questions during this the actual reading. Write your questions down on lined paper or write the citation that we can go back to and discuss at the end of every chapter this will occur. 
  • Oneg – Break for prayer of thanksgiving for the meal, and the blessing is recited. Fellowship and eating ensues. 
  • Final liturgy with the Aaronic benediction with the song of Shalom. Close. 
updated liturgy, basic draft – another draft is coming with an improved
Shalom ah-lay-chem, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-rayt, mal-ah-chay el-yon,
Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.
Bo-ah-chem leh-sha-lom, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-lom mal-ah-chay el-yon.
Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.
Bar-chu-nee leh-sha-lom, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-lom mal-ah-chay el-yon,
Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.

When you have eaten and are full, THEN you shall bless Yahuah thy Elohim for the good land which He has given you.

Deuteronomy 8:10

Now they were steadfastly continuing in the teaching of the apostles, and in the fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers.

Acts 2:42
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