Statement of Faith

We Believe ………..

In One Creator whose Name is יהוה, who is Spirit.

In יהושע, Messiah, Son of Yah, Redeemer of mankind, and King.

In Keeping the two greatest commandments and all their subordinates as shown below:

Preferring the titles Elohim, Master & Sovereign, Messiah, and the names YHWH over common language/titles.

Observing the seventh-day sabbath convocation and rest.

In strictly keeping the food ordinances.

In preparing and attending the 7 feasts :

  • Death and Burial of YSHUA – Passover
  • Resurrection of YSHUA – First Fruits
  • Giving of commandments and Set-Apart Spirit – Shavuot/Pentecost
  • Announcement of the Return of the Kingdom – Feast of Trumpets
  • Remembering the Atonement of YSHUA MESSIAH for our sins – Day of Atonement
  • Remembering the coming of Messiah to the earth – Tabernacles/Sukkoth

In sacred scriptures as YHWH directs.

In baptism and spiritual empowerment for good.

In perpetual work, piety and devotion.

In evangelism, equitable justice and restitution.

In continuing education.

In sacrament and order.

In deliverance from demonic entities.

In divine healing and blessing.

In Hebraic-style marriage between woman and man.

In life and death.

In eternal life for those born again of Spirit.

In the bodily resurrection of the dead and judgment.

In the second death for the incorrigible.

In love, fidelity and civility among brothers and sisters.

In the fullness of the Kingdom of the Beloved Son.

In the Millennium, a day of justice and restitution.

In the restoration of creation.

In world-without-end.

Things to expect when fellowshipping with us :

  • We use only approved scriptures, either The Cepher, or The Scriptures are acceptable as well as others which use the Name of our Creator.
  • We use the Name of our Creator יהוה and His Son Yahshua and do not use titles customarily.
  • We Make prayer a priority and follow the 4 main ministry directives in Acts Chapter 2:42

Now they were steadfastly continuing in the teaching of the apostles, and in the fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers.

Acts 2:42
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