Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah

Not “ROSH HASHANNA” Adapted from Eddie Chumney‘s book THE BIBLE gives us appointed times where GOD wants to meet with his people. The Set-Apart time are going to talk about today is YOM TERUAH, BLASTING OF SHOFARS. This day is also part of a subset of feasts, the FALL FEASTS, THAT directly connect to HIS … Continue reading Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah

sukkoth/tabernacles – some adapted from Eddie Chumney

Eddie’s book excerpt The Hebrew word for tabernacle is sukkah. It means “a booth, a hut, a covering, a pavilion or tent.” The Greek word for tabernacle is sk’en’e, which also means “a tent, hut, or habitation.” The entire seven day festival commemorates how the Israelites lived in temporary dwellings when they were brought out … Continue reading sukkoth/tabernacles – some adapted from Eddie Chumney

Ha Natzerim v’ Yashra-El

What is a Natzerim? In the original Hebrew there is no difference in the spelling of Natzerim and Netzarim. It is only through the Masoretic text; withit’s vowel pointing that that we find a difference in spelling and definition In the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance we find these words listed under;  “watchmen” H # 5341:  the Hebrew letters … Continue reading Ha Natzerim v’ Yashra-El

Comments from a Facebook post on Shavuot

What’s the significance of #Shavout (day of #pentecost)? ~3500 years ago, on this day, Elohim gave the laws to Moses. ~2000 years ago, on the same day the same Elohim, came to dwell inside each of us as the Holy Spirit starting with the gathering on the upper room. This is celebrated as Shavout or … Continue reading Comments from a Facebook post on Shavuot