Seventh day Meeting notes.

What can we do to put these principles into action in our lives? How can we branch out without seeking in prayer and intercessions for the peoples of redeemed Israel. How can we help one another. How can we resonate the pure love of Messiah and see people through his heart and eyes, and not our fleshly eyes which judge “after the flesh.” Torah section Lech Lecha covered in Genesis. Concerns were written down and prayers and intercessions were offered on behalf of the participants. We do not want to become another “study” group that has face the fracturing in the past. Let us go on to the higher calling of Messiah Yahshua and seek his counsel, laboring in prayer and good deeds without not only our own circles, but endeavor to seek guidance as we are challenged and branch out into the world. Additionally an hour of Classical Hebrew with the hosts K and J, covering the Aleph Bet , 4 sets of twin letters, 5 final form letters, 22 consonants and some additional details.

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