Suffer The children to come unto me

Many Hebrew roots assemblies like to relegate the children to being outside or worse, not even involved. Messiah had a different attitude about children. He wanted them involved and desired that the “children come unto me.” Discussions like this and others related to the faith perspectives.

1 thought on “Suffer The children to come unto me


    This is a subject which has been a concern of mine for many years. Having grown up in a Christian church; attended a number of Messianic services; and watching our youth slowly be drawn away from our beliefs due to their feeling “outside” the important teachings given to adults., it became clear that something was being done wrong. Granted; very little children, should have a class where they can be ‘taught’ at their own grade and comprehension level, and also be kept in an environment where they do not interfere with the regular services via crying; playing; or other distractions. But these children should be incorporated into the “grownup” service as soon as they have learned to sit quietly. And it is also up to the parents, (fathers especially) to teach these children at their understanding levels in the privacy of their own homes. And I will add that we need to teach them from “grown up” Scriptures. Too many “children’s books” fail to grasp the lessons The Scriptures contain!
    It’s all about communication, and sadly; we have become far too lax in this area. I point my finger at myself first and foremost. I made many mistakes in the rearing of my own children, and my failure to communicate has created a wall between them and myself. Now that they are grown, I see my mistake, but the damage is done and although I have tried to re-establish a line of spiritual communication, their minds are closed to receiving anything I try to share, spiritually. If I want to talk cars; work; or other secular matters (aside from politics) we can communicate, otherwise it’s just a void that remains unbridgeable.

    I would encourage all leaders of assemblies and all parents to keep their children near during all services; answering any and all questions concerning what is being taught. This is where it is very important to allow immediate questions by young people who have not yet learned to take notes; for questions that wait until after the service will most likely be lost.

    May our Father of Lights; The Mighty YaHuaH, grant us wisdom and discernment in bringing understanding and enlightenment to our youth.


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