More Questions we get asked

  1. Follow Shuvu; Rabbinic Interpretations

Rabbinic interpretations can be considered but not at the cost of the acts of the Apostles or any other scriptural precedent which comes first.

  1. Oral Torah with circumcision

Oral Torah can be used as a historical guide but should never take the place of the literal Spirit led reading of the Torah. Some things can be enhanced with Oral Torah, but care should be exercised. Circumcision is not mandatory nor a requirement for salvation.

  1. What do you think about women wearing Tzitzits yes or no?

If the women are encouraged to follow Torah, then we see no restrictions prohibiting. It sets a woman apart as part of the commonwealth of Israel.

  1. Shabbat candles? are also Jewish traditions

Sabbath candles can enhance the experience for the children and wives as it marks the beginning of sabbath. Its a practice left up to the individual households.

  1. Jewish traditions; pray from a Siddur?

Some of the traditional prayers taken right out of scripture can he useful as well as some of the canting and music.

  1. Jodedom vs Christianity; mourning guidelines, tikkun olam; geula salvation for all the house of Israel

Torah stipulates 30 days for mourning. We should do all we can to aid and help repair our communities around us. The final days beforethe coming of Messiah mark the beginning of the process of redemption and the final thousand year reign of Messiah. Apostolic traditions should be looked at closely as well as oral torah traditions to fill in the spaces of understanding

  1. Messiah am yosef and Messiah am David

Messiah ben Yoself and Messiah Ben David are culminated in Yahushua with many types and shadows supporting. The idea features a suffering, righteous ‘Joseph’ king-figure, who cries out to YHWH in his death-throes as ‘My father’, citing the suffering-messiah Psalms 89 and 22, and predicts that he will arise again to do justice and righteousness. Messiah Ben David is a ruling monarch figure which we know Messiah will fulfill in his second coming.

  1. Orthodox messianic judaism is the way…

As long as the Apostolic teachings are in no way supressed or dismissed, what tradition one holds to with respect to Torah application is up to the individual houses.

  1. How to deal with people who guir,

Will elaborate after inquiry

  1. Divorces

A difficult subject. As a general rule, try to resolve the gospel instructions with the spirit and intent of regulations found in Torah. A hard heart in either the husband or the wife can never bode well for a marriage. Marriages are entered into at minimum with witnesses and a Ketubah document and divorces are handled in the same written manner.

  1. Jeremiah 17 no one has to teach another.

The Apostolic traditions sets teachers and apostles in the assemblies to help guide, but ultimately, people are held acountable to YHWH.

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