Heal by way of the earth which YaHuWaH has made on account of man.

What if simply being in contact with the earth resulted in tremendous health benefits? By this, I mean walking or standing barefoot on the grass, the beach, or the dirt. By putting our bodies in contact with the physical earth, we are positively and instantaneously effected physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. The more one is in contact with the earth, the greater the health and healing benefits one will reap. This is known as earthing, or grounding. Consider the book of 2 Baruk:

“And You did say that You would make for your world man as the administrator of Your works, that it might be known that he was by no means made on account of the world, but the world on account of him. And now I see that as for the world which was made on account of us, lo! it abides, but we, on account of whom it was made, depart.” (2 Baruk 14:18-19)

Baruk was a scribe of the prophet Jeremiah and is found in the book of Jeremiah chapters 32, 36, 43, and 45. The book of 2 Baruk is found in the Cepher.

It only makes sense that our Creator, YaHuWaH, would make it so simple to heal and stay healthy simply by physically connecting with the earth. We as a collective are sorely misguided by looking to the medical system of pharmakeia for healing chronic disease. It has been said that the best things in life are free and earthing/grounding is indeed one of these things. To learn more about the benefits and power of grounding, please see the documentary below entitled: The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding. Also featured in the film is Dr. Laura Koniver, MD, of Charleston SC. A link to her Youtube channel on everything grounding is below as well.

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