Thoughts today

One of the most interesting subjects that I have always felt was worthy of a full examination, was the subject of biblical prophecy matters. In all of my years, I have always tried to explore as many different viewpoints as possible. Most of those viewpoints, which seem to emanate from the church system, fit into a general three categories. Those categories, are the view from a futurist standpoint and can be broken up into three branches. We can categorize these three branches as the pre-trib rapture position, the mid-trib rapture position, and the post-trib rapture position. There is another viewpoint however that I have encountered within the last few years, termed preterism by biblical scholars. And even within the preterist viewpoint, there are differing views. Perhaps the most extreme of these viewpoints. We could call the ultra-preterist position, which maintains that the resurrection occurred (already) in the first century. I am going to open up this blog post for a full examination, as much as time allows, for these viewpoints and I hope that we can get some comments on this post, for the enlightenment of the entire body of Messiah.

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