Thoughts on After life

According to the Old Testament, when a person dies, their body goes into the earth to sleep until the Resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ. (See Daniel 12:1-2 and Ecclesiastes 12:8) Their spirit returns to God who gave it. (See Ecclesiastes 12:7) And their soul goes to Sheol. (See Psalm 46:13, Psalm 89:48, Proverbs 1:12, Proverbs 9:18 Jonah 2:2, Isaiah 14:9-11, Isaiah 38:13) This is believed to be at the core of the Earth. (Deuteronomy 32:22, Numbers 16:33, 1 Samuel 2:6 and Ezekiel 31:16) It has four parts (that I am aware of). Part one is Hades (Acts 2:31, Pslam 88:10-12) which is a prison for the unbelieving, unrighteous, wicked. It is not to be confused with “hell” or the “lake of fire.” Gehenna is not yet in use and will not be until The Beast is thrown alive into it. (Revelation 19) According to a parable told by Yeshua it is a place of torment, with fire and no water. Nor is there any escape. (Luke 16:19-31) Those who go here will remain until the second resurrrection which immediately follows the 1,000 year reign. (Revelation 20:10-14) The Fallen Angels who slept with female humans are bound in the Abyss (best historical reference can be found in 1 Enoch) which is a chasm that separates Hades from the third place – Paradise. This is also known as Abraham’s Bosom. It’s where the righteous souls go to await the resurrection. The fourth area is very vaguely spoken of. It’s called the outer darkness. (Matthew 8:12, Matthew 22:13, Matthew 25:30) So, when you die, if you are righteous, your spirit will go to God, your flesh will return to dust and your soul will go to Paradise to await the Resurrection.

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