Ha Natzerim v’ Yashra-El

What is a Natzerim? In the original Hebrew there is no difference in the spelling of Natzerim and Netzarim. It is only through the Masoretic text; withit’s vowel pointing that that we find a difference in spelling and definition

In the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance we find these words listed under;  “watchmen” H # 5341:  the Hebrew letters used are nune; ayin; resh         “branch, descendant” H # 5342: and the same letters are used as above. So in the original Hebrew this word was only understood by the context of the sentence in which it is used. And this is how we; of the Natzerim, continue to use this word to describe ourselves. 

We are called to be “watchmen on the tower”, Ezek. 3:17; watching and discerning events and conditions going on around us, our communities, and in the world. We not only watch these events but as with the ancient watchmen, we give a warning when we see “evil” approaching! While we have the commission to “watch and pray” as well as to warn, we cannot force the people to take heed, Ezek. 33: 1-9. This verse is very clear; it is our duty (and salvation) to give that warning for if we fail we are accountable for their blood!

At the same time we are also “branches” John 15:5. We are the outgoing love of Messiah YaHushua. Just as He is the “Light” and we are the ‘reflection’ of His Light. The branch receives life giving ‘sap’ from the vine. Without that life giving sap the branch withers and dies, it no longer has a function fit for the vine as it can no longer produce fruit. As Netzarim we must be constantly striving to bear fruit for YaH’s Kingdom.  

The conclusion then is this: If you are called to be a Natzerim/Netzarim (remember both are spelled the same in the ancient Hebrew) you are called to accept a very special calling and responsibility.

Baruch haba b’Shem YaHushua; Sar Shalom.

Ya’akob haNatzerim eved

25th day of the 4th moon

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