Evangelism to the world Statement

Although people can do good, many choose evil, being proud, liars, haters of goodness and righteousness. Their decisions and actions reveal a love for evil, violence, destruction and even the murder of innocent babies. To satisfy their depraved desires, the unrighteous disrespect the Supreme Authority,whom many call God and deny His very existence. However, nature shows that there is a First and Eternal Reality which exists without a beginning, is of infinite magnitude, and can never end. Ancient Hebrew Scriptures call that First Reality Elohim; properly understood as the Eternal Power Over All Realities.


Before space and the universe existed, the first thing Elohim did was to be the Father Who then willed His First Word (Devar/Logos) to be His First and Uniquely Born Son from His Own Divine Essence of Whom the One Spirit of Elohim emanates. So, Elohim the Father is the First Reality and Power Over All, while His First-Born Son is the Firstborn Reality and All in all with the One Spirit of Elohim.  By His Son and His Spirit, Elohim planned and created space with celestial creatures and earth with terrestrial creatures, including mankind, for endless fulfilling life. Over time, a league of celestial beings rebelled and eventually led mankind to corruption, hence the origin of our earthly evils. Yet, Elohim’s plan includes everything needed to accomplish His divine purpose to salvage all beneficent beings to be filled by His Holy (Set Apart/Apportioned) Spirit for endless existence by covenant and to eliminate whatever and whoever is harmful.


As planned, around 2000 years ago, Elohim sent His Son to earth by His Spirit, born as a male child via a virgin Judean woman. The child was named Yeshua, which means Salvation or Savior; commonly called Jesus. Per the Bible, Yeshua taught “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of Elohim has come near. Repent and believe the Good News” (Mark. 1:15); the news that Elohim governs the universe. Yeshua did many amazing virtuous miracles which proved He was Messiah (Christ) so that whoever would believe in Him (trust and obey Him) would not be eliminated but be saved.  All who repented and believed as He required, were baptized in water, and later by the Holy Spirit to be saved. He taught them to recognize each other and to live in unity of the goodness of Elohim. To set the covenant as planned, Yeshua allowed some Jews and Gentiles, who hated Him, to arrest and kill Him during Passover season. Yet, to their dismay, Yeshua came back to life after three days, then united and equipped His best students to be ministers of the Good News to all nations. Afterwards the Savior returned to Elohim to one day return to earth as Sovereign of all.  So, to be saved, we must do the following:


1)Repent – Stop violating Elohim’s law (sinning): Know and revere Elohim over all else, do not serve idols, do not misuse His Name; and celebrate His Sabbath Day. Honor our parents, do not kill; do not be unfaithful, do not steal, do not lie; and do not think of taking what is not yours. Keep all sexual acts within true marriage as Yeshua taught and dress modestly to avoid tempting others to sin. For, sinning brings misery and death to our lives and the world. Stay repented by evaluating how we behave and think privately and socially every day in view of Elohim’s requirements. Ask Elohim for pardon for any sin discovered. Apologize to anyone offended by what we did or did not do. Practice being mindful of showing gratitude to those who do good.


2) Believe the Good News: Get and develop faith (fact-based trust) that Elohim exists, rules the universe, offers pardon and infinite life to all who repent, by His Son Yeshua. The Bible tells of one woman who believed so much that she poured precious perfume ointment on Yeshua in His honor before He was arrested.


3) Get Baptized: After you truly repent and believe, get immersed (baptized) in water for pardon of your sins and to receive spiritual baptism by Yeshua’s Name.


4) Unite to do Good: Unite with other disciples to pray for each other to receive healing and wholeness of our faults and weaknesses – in every way. Help each other grow with the understanding that we all have faults to overcome and need each other who are of Yeshua. This humble and sincere mindset will create transparency, unity in Elohim, healing, and miraculous good works by His Spirit.


Again, our sinful choices and actions are filling the world with misery and death. Yet, Elohim sent His Uniquely Born Son, Yeshua the Messiah, to save the repentant from the eradication of all evil and fill them with His renewing Spirit forever. Thus, to be saved, we must repent, believe, be baptized, and unite asYeshua taught. For more information, please contactus; thank you.

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