Mi Chamocha

מי־כמכה באלם יהוה

מי־כמכה נאדר בקדשׁ

נורא תהלת עשׂה פלא

Mi kamocha ba-elim Yahweh
Mi Kamocha nedar ba-kodesh
Nora tehillot oseh fele

Who is like You among the gods, Yahweh?
Who is like you, glorious in holiness,
Awesome in praises, doing wonders?

מִֽי־כָמֹ֤כָה בָּֽאֵלִם֙ יְהוָ֔ה מִ֥י כָּמֹ֖כָה נֶאְדָּ֣ר בַּקֹּ֑דֶשׁ נוֹרָ֥א תְהִלֹּ֖ת

עֹ֥שֵׂה פֶֽלֶא׃

עֹ֥שֵׂה פֶֽלֶא (repeat final)

Exodus 15:11

Who is like You, O YAHWEH, among everything which is worshipped; who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in splendor, working wonders!

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