Hebrew Orientation
Kelley Solo Class part 1

Please note that when I refer to “gutteral” in some cases (Samech), its the sound in the throat rather than the classification linguistically. I will clarify that in later videos.

Kelley group class 1
Kelley Chapter One Exercises 1A
Kelley Chapter 2 Vowels
Kelley Chapter 2 Exercises Answers
Kelley 3 Maqqef
Kelley 3 Maqqef Exercises Video
Prayerbook Hebrew 1
Biblical Hebrew: Step by Step Volume. 1: Menahem Mansoor: 9780801060410
Mansoor 2 (A little liberal with Mayim using any “AH” sound vowel but its technically used with a Patach, a bar at the bottom, *not the Kametz*. Mem, Patach, Yod, Chirek, Mem-Sofit)
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