Dear brothers and sisters Greetings in יהושע,
I am pastor Naik Christian from India medical missionary Sabbath keeper.
@My testimony.@
I am Rupavath Srinivasa rao naik from India. Once I was a Sunday worship pastor for 14teen churches in India, before accepting יהושע משיח as my Lord and personal saviour I was a Hindu preast. I was running 14teen branch churches in India,every Sunday I am preaching in couple of church. But no peace in my heart something I am missing. I have a ministry to visit sick patent in hospital in Hyderabad capital city of Telangana. One day I went to visit patents in Apollo hospital in Hyderabad their I met a medical missionary, sister Navomi (56y), she interduced me about Sabbath Truth and Health message I could not believe Sabbath is still alive.

Then I came back to home from hospital I couldn’t sleep and eat food for one week because the teaching of Sabbath is coming over in mind so it’s a big problem.

One fine morning I said to my wife see this teaching of Sabbath makes me no peace in my heart I want to talk to יהוה about this, so I am going to a mountain to talk to יהוה for 7 days fasting, prayers she said all the best.

Then I went to the mountain theri I encountered with יהוה almighty, one the 4thday I hard a voice from heaven saying my son I am with you always, I am alpha and Omega , change not. Sabbath is my holy day keep it holy and preach the truth I have chosen your family to take this truth to allover the world, I am alpha and Omega I am with you forever.

When I hard this words I nearly died on the ground. Then I asked יהוה almighty strength to come out from Sunday.

Then I went to all my churches to explain them what יהוה said to me. But they said your a false prophet’s and teaching wrong doctrines. No more your our pastor if you run Sunday we Will be with you, I said day of a man authority. They kick me out.

Then I was on road side for 6 months with my small kids in a tent because they stopped all my support no paying rent and school fees for my kids. Many days no food.

Then in 7th month I hard a voice from heaven saying one fine morning saying my son get up and take you bag go to sattenpalli village start a new church in sattenpalli , I am sending my people to you. So I came to sattenpalli village where I was left 4years back.

Then I started a prayer meeting with one lady, now 20people attending to Saturday Sabbath.

I have to reach India with Everlasting gospel of יהושע and 3angels messages and Health messages.

My heartfull greetings to brother Gregory Smith for his prayers and support to reaching True Truth among all people in India.
Thank you.


Pray for me.


2 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. Stephen Root

    What a powerful testimony. Please keep up the good work. We will continue to pray for you and your church here in the United States.

    Stephen Root


    1. naikchristian777

      Dear brother Stephen. May the Lord Bless you and your family. I m nothing but yessu is in me. Thank you so much. Glory to mastor yesuva.


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