Ministry work in India.

Dear brothers and sisters in משיח, Greetings from India.

I am pastor Naik Christian from India, once I was a Sunday worship pastor for 14teen churches in India. In 2014 through a medical missionary I come to know the Sabbath Truth. Then I asked יהוה to tell me Sabbath is Truth? Or Sunday? Then I recived יהוה answer one my 7days fasting in a mountain. יהוה said I am alpha and Omega. I am the אלוהים of Sabbath, you are Chosen by me keep the Sabbath and go to whole world call my people from Sunday to Sabbath Truth I anointed you.

Then I decided to keep the Sabbath on every Saturday. I went to all my 14 teen Sunday worship centres to teaching Sabbath Truth, but they said your false prophet we don’t want you to run the churches. They rejected Truth and Health message.

They we come on road to live in a small tent because they not paid our room rent and school fees for my kids, not giving me any support. But we not lose our faith in יהוה. As a family 6 months we suffered lot for truth, many days in fasting prayers.

Thank אדוני said again from heaven I heard a big voice says to me, get up my son go to sattenpalli village start a new church I am sending my people to you. Then we went to sattenpalli village started a prayer meeting with one lady from Sunday worship. She come to know the Sabbath by the spirit guidence. Then preaching יהוה truth יהוה opened many eyes to see the יהוה love. So now we 20 believes in our small church in India. I am preaching 3angels messages to India and health messages. Thank you.

Prayer points.

1.Pray for a car. 6+1=7 sitting.

2. We need a sound system.

3. We need a camera and a microphone to record message to send all sunday pastors.

4. Pray for a Good computer.

5. Pray to finish the church building.

6.Pray to God we need workers and Health workers.

7.Pray for 5acers of land to building a Natural Healing centre in India.

Pray for India.



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