Pray for India mission work.

India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world with over 4,000 people groups, having diverse culture, religion and languages. All Indian people praise and thank יהוה because one of the disciples of יהושע, St Thomas came to India 2000 year ago and preach the Good News of our יהושע משיח and died for Him. But only with less than 3% Christians, India continues to be a challenge for missions. Many people groups, cities, towns and villages today are still without any Christian witness and are in desperate need of hearing the gospel. India is populated with more than one billion people. Most of them are Hindus (Heathens). There are 7,00,000 Villages. Only 3 percent are evangelical Christians. The remaining 97% of the people are not Christians. These 97% are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Parisis, Bahai’s, lambadis (Banjaras) Sikhs and many tribal groups. Over 500 million have never heard the name of יהושע. There are 1,644 languages and dialects. But the Holy Bible was printed in only 30 languages. Over 15,000 people enter Eternity without יהושע every day. The sun, the moon, the stars, pigs, cows, snakes and monkeys are considered Deities (Divine). In India there are more than 350 million gods and goddesses. Such is the pity with our heathen people. They don’t know the Gospel of יהושע. This is the challenge for Me to reach to unreached areas preach the word of יהוה, pray for sick people, planting churches and win the souls for His kingdom. 
Thank you. 

Pray for India.


2 thoughts on “Pray for India mission work.

  1. Thank you for sharing brother


  2. naikchristian777

    God bless you.


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