Thanks from Penninah Uganda

Hello brothers and sisters ..,my name is Penninah Nakitende.,Through sister Cindy who you trusted with the funds that she sent us yesterday, I would want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the love you show Awesomechildcare here in Uganda.Through your donation to us brothers and sisters,Iam able to pay rent here at home, Iam able to feed and meet  medication bills,you enable me cloth the children.I know the happiest person is the giver not me the better but I must say that I am happy and thankful for the donation.Thank you for being the reason we smile 😊,you lighten my burden.It’s not how much you give us but how much love and thoughtfulness you have given to the children and I.Thank you for giving to us with the open heart ..
I want to thank mama Cindy Ramsey for she has loved and mothered me and showed me to you Thank you so much mama and may God bless you…
Brothers and sisters thank you for donating toward Awesomechildcare..May the Almighty Yahuwah bless you and may your cup never run out I pray🙏 

1 thought on “Thanks from Penninah Uganda

  1. Shalom brothers and sisters
    How are you doing hope your all well and okay
    Greeting to you all thank you for the wonderful things you do for us and thanks for keeping us in prayer always…may Yahuwah bless you everyday for us ..
    Mama cindy
    Sister Michelle
    Brother Chris
    And everyone else thank you for being we smile


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