Penninah Uganda Missions updates Needs.

As Yah’s people have been praying and trusting in Him for shelter for Penninah and the orphans after having been evicted from their home, He again has provided needed shelter. Although the shelter doesn’t appear liveable it is where Yah lead Penninah, and it is sufficient. Several have given financially to assist in the renovation of this building and Penninah gives all glory to Yahuwah. These children have been discarded and Penninah has received her calling to care for them. I am so grateful to all who have and who will help these children grow up knowing they are loved, not just by Penninah, but by Yahuwah especially. Thank Yahuwah and thank-you to all who have given so much in their prayers and finances…Yahuwah barak you all!…Cindy

1 thought on “Penninah Uganda Missions updates Needs.

  1. With a grateful heart I would love to take this opportunity to thank you my brothers and sisters in Yahuwah……for the. Love you have showed me and the children ……I want to blessed his name for the prayers and love you have you have showed the children…
    The Eviction notice almost made me give up …I almost gave up on ministry .. it was such a hard time. It was soo bad it was hard for me I must say…but the Almighty made a way…..the place we are in now is not the best especially for the little children but at least we are not on the streets…..mama Cindy your love for us is exceptional thank you soo much mama🙏🙏🙏
    Dear brothers and sisters thank you so much for your support…may you be blessed……..penninah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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